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Nu pipe - Perth's specialists in clearing blocked drains fast. Over three decades of real world experience and utilising the latest technology ( that others simply don't have ) we provide cost effective and friendly service to flush your drain problem away!

Unblocking blocked drains Perth, Nupipe Plumbing is the go to emergency plumbing service.
Whether your drains have blocked and  flooding your house, or you just have a persistent leak that you can’t tolerate anymore, you need a plumber that will arrive on time and do a good job for a reasonable price.
We understand the hassle involved and that’s why, at Nupipe, unblocking blocked  drains in Perth, we offer consistently excellent service and simple, predictable pricing structures on our emergency plumbing services.
We can’t predict when your plumbing is going to act up, but we can assure you that when a plumbing emergency presents itself, we’ve got the experience, training and specialised skills to deal with it.


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We arrive on time and do not inflate fees

We have over 36 years’ industry experience

We service Perth clients with completely equipped vans

We provide comprehensive emergency plumbing services

We are dedicated to providing superior services and products

We have strong relationships with recognised industry product suppliers


"I just wanted to drop you Guys a line and congratulate you on a fantastic Job you did with our Drains at Dynamco! WOW, you guys are on a winner with that re lining product you have, we were sick and tired of trying different Plumbers to come in and clean/clear our drains, not only were you able to identify cracks and stuff, you fixed them! Again, thanks for a great job!! " - Glenn, East Perth, WA
Why leave your blocked drain problems to the last minute? We’re able to repair and maintain any plumbing system in Perth, fixing small problems before they turn into expensive disasters.
One of the most inconvenient and difficult to repair problems is a blocked or leaking sewer pipe. Sewer pipes are generally buried under soil or concrete, making servicing and repair a mammoth task. Fortunately, with Nupipe, sewer pipe repair is easier than ever. We employ specialised remote technology to identify the problem and permanently repair it, with minimal disruption. That’s how we make sewer pipe repair less time-consuming and disruptive, while also making it more affordable.
Blocked drains are, of course, one of the most common issues that we deal with. The problem with traditional drain unblocking procedures is that they don’t treat the root of the problem and the blockage is highly likely to recur. We at Nupipe employ a much more efficient and effective system, based on remote video inspection of your pipes. This allows us to identify the real problem and fix it, for trouble-free drains and plumbing.
In ageing buildings, one of the most common problems is broken or damaged pipes. This can also occur due to construction in and around the area. In the past, digging up the problem pipe in order to identify and fix the problem was the only solution. That approach is outdated with Nupipe’s remote camera and pipe relining system. We can pinpoint the problem area and reline the pipe, eliminating any blockages.



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