Drain relining


 A damaged sewer pipe is a massive inconvenience and can become a costly problem if left unchecked. Not only will it cause considerable damage to the area around the leak, it can also result in trouble with local municipalities, which demand that building owners keep sewer pipes in good condition.
Traditionally, repairing a sewer pipe would involve the lengthy, labour intensive and expensive process of digging up the pipe in order to repair it, or the installation of a new pipe section. If the sewer pipe in question was buried beneath concrete or brickwork, this would need to be broken up, further complicating the operation.
With NUPIPE’s drain and sewer inspection camera technology, all this is in the past. Now, one of our highly trained technicians can send a remote camera down into the pipe in order to inspect it meticulously. This not only allows us to identify the cause of the problem, but also allows us to devise an effective, affordable solution to each specific problem.
In the case of cracked or corroded pipes, we can reline them. We’ll use a high-pressure flush procedure to clear loose debris and any blockages, then use our highly sophisticated machinery to reline the pipe from within. Not only will your leak be fixed, but also, the new lining in your sewer pipe makes it far more resilient to physical damage and will improve rate of flow and general efficiency.
In the past, the only way to repair a broken or cracked pipe was to dig it up and replace it. This was a highly labour intensive procedure, as workers would need to break through any surface material, dig up the pipe and then fit a new one. Fortunately, with Nu Pipe’s trenchless drain relining technology, all that is in the past.
Using a sophisticated, remote-controlled system, we can now send a camera down your sewer pipe to identify the root of the problem and then entirely reline the pipe, with minimal disruption. Not only does this mean you’ll be pay far less for drain relining, but inconvenience and downtime is kept to an absolute minimum too.
Your newly relined sewer pipe will be leak free and considerably more structurally resilient, lowering the risk of future leaks or damage. The relined pipe improves the rate of flow through the pipe, which also makes your plumbing system more efficient.
It’s critical that only a trained and experienced professional carry out such repairs on your sewer pipes, as mistakes can just exacerbate the problem, costing you more in the end. Call Nu Pipe, the plumbers that building owners and managers in Perth have come to trust.
You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get your sewer pipe fixed, permanently. Call us at NUPIPE for reliable, professional advice.